Wednesday, July 29, 2015

And just like that, my baby boy is FIVE!


This sweet boy turns the big 5 today.

                 As in, the "Mom, i'm a whole hand" birthday.

I think i write this every year - but every year its hard to believe he's "insert another age here".

I had no idea how much having a little boy would change my life. Completely different than having a little girl - but just as wonderful.  

My sweet Caleb,

When i put you to bed tonight - you were still four. But when you wake up tomorrow, you will be FIVE. Only a few hours difference, but yet you will seem years older to me.

5 is big. 5 was tough for me to watch your sister turn, and i fear its going to be the same with you. 5 means your a big kid now. You are no longer a preschooler. I may cry.

You are THE sweetest boy i've ever met. You pick me "flowers"(weeds) daily, you open my car door for me without me asking you to, you constantly want to "snuggle", and you even went as far as to earn your first prize out of the prize box at school and pick something for ME, not yourself.

You love to help. You are a pro at rinsing dishes, folding laundry, skimming the pool, watering flowers, etc. You beg to be outside with daddy when he's working on something - helping him pick up sticks, mow the grass, or just watch him work on things.

 You love anything that has to do with cars or big trucks. (You are your father's son!) You are already asking when you get to drive by yourself on the "real roads" and when i ask you what kind of vehicle you want to drive when you're older - you always say "a BIG truck that goes fast and sounds really loud!" Be still my mama heart. (Ya'll - pray for me in 11 years.)

 You love your sister. You love to fret her and pick on her... but oh how you cry when she cries and hurt when she hurts. When she's not home, you are lost!

 You love to be outside. Anything that involves a ball or running is right up your alley. I just signed you up for soccer this fall and i'm excited to see you out there on the field. I think you're going to LOVE it! You also love the beach or snow. You could play in it

Your speech has developed a lot this year, but you still have a few words that remind me you're still little. 
"Loos-ually" = Usually
"Turch" = Church

You still have your silly personality. Definitely a class clown in the making. Always cracking a joke or doing something crazy for a laugh. I hope you never lose that! A sense of humor is a wonderful quality.

 You have quickly become your daddy's shadow this past year. You watch to see what he's wearing for the day and then go upstairs and try to pick out the same outfit for yourself. You mimic the things he says and how he does things. You want to eat what he eats (even cucumbers in vinegar - you'll choke it down and swear you like it, just to have what he's having!) :)


You have - in just a little over a month - gone from not wanting to get your face wet in the pool and wearing floaties - to jumping in, going completely under, and swimming all around without them! Super proud of you, sweet boy!

To try and put into words what you mean to me is not possible. You are so special - and i know the Lord has great things in store for you. You love with your whole heart, and i pray one day that you surrender that sweet, loving heart to the Lord, and strive to live for Him everyday. We sure do love you, buddy! Happy, happy 5TH birthday Caleb Matthew! 

Interview with Caleb - 7/29/15
What is your favorite color?: BLUE!
What is your favorite movie?: How To Train a Dragon
What is your favorite outfit?: Ninja Turtle costume!
What sport do you like best?: Basketball
What song do you love?: "Never Gives Up" (aka what he calls "One Thing Remains" by Kristian Stanfill)
What is your favorite cereal?: Cinnamon Toast Crunch
Who is your best friend?: Kyleigh J
What do you want to be when you grow up? a daddy... and go to work with daddy. (heart melt!)
What is your favorite thing to eat for dinner?: burger!
What are you afraid of?: "I'm not..." (HA!)
What is your favorite thing to drink?: lemonade
What is your favorite season?: Fall, so i can help daddy pick up leaves.
What is your favorite animal?: giraffes
What is your favorite book?: Harry the Dirty Dog
What are you really good at?: working with daddy, swimming in the pool..
Where do you wish you could go on vacation?: the beach!
What would you buy if you had $1000?: a REAL robot!
What do you like to do with your friends?: swim with them in the pool.
What do you hope to do before your next birthday?: go to the bouncy house!!!


Monday, February 2, 2015


Oh, my heart.

My first-born, my baby girl is SEVEN today and more than half-way through her 1st grade year. Everyone told me how much faster life flies by when your kids get in "real school" - and boy, were they right! Didn't she just start kindergarten last week?

Kaitlyn Brooke,

    I can't believe it was 7 years ago today that i first got to meet your sweet face. It was one of my favorite memories and will forever be etched in my heart. You came into this world at 42 weeks... meaning you were 2 weeks late! You took your sweet time getting here... that was you then, and that is you today. You march to the beat of your own drum. You take your time doing everything, you ALWAYS finish what you start, and if you have a hard time understanding something - you will sit there and practice until you get it. Your attention span is that of an adult! You pretty much taught yourself to read - and unless you absolutely need help, you try hard to do things all by yourself. And that, is a wonderful trait. I can't wait to see all of the things you accomplish in life with your hard work and determination!

This past year has definitely been a year of change. The ending of Kindergarten, moving (not once, but twice!!), and beginning your 1st grade year! You are doing wonderful in school - the amount of things you have learned already this year has blown me away! You love to read - you read in the car while mommy drives, in bed before you go to sleep, and even just 'for fun' on the couch! You just started taking piano lessons, and with only 3 lessons under your belt - you have taken off! I think you love music as much as mommy! :)

You also love to watch movies, paint your nails, go to the arcade, play games, draw 'fashion outfits' and just color in general, play hours and hours (and hours) of barbies, sing songs at the top of your lungs and dance, hula hoop, and make things (bracelets, magnets for my refrigerator, potholders with your loom kit, etc).

To try and put into words how much Mommy loves you... it's just not possible. When the Lord gave you to me - He gave me one of life's most precious gifts. I can't imagine life without you in it.

I pray that the Lord will continue to soften your heart towards Him. I pray that He continues to protect and keep you close and that He will allow us to share many more birthdays with you!

You, my sweet girl, are fearfully and wonderfully made. Only Jesus could love you more!


Interview with Kaitlyn 2/2/15-

What is your favorite color?: Teal
What is your favorite movie?: The Incredibles
Whats your favorite outfit?: dress with flowers
What sport do you like best?: basketball
What song do you love?: Beautiful for Me - Nichole Nordeman
Whats your favorite cereal?: Special K Red Berries
Who is your best friend?: Olivia Jessup
What do you want to be when you grow up? a cupcake maker for kids who have allergies like me, and a teacher.
What is your favorite thing to eat for dinner? Steak!!
What are you afraid of?: Ghosts and spiders.
What is your favorite season of the year?: SUMMER!!!
What is your favorite subject in school?: Math.
What are your favorite books?: "If You Give a Cat a Cupcake" and "Stella the Star Fairy"
What are you really good at?: shooting basketballs in the hoop and hula hooping
Where do you wish you could go on vacation?: Disney World!!
What would you buy if you had $1000?: I would go to the beach!
What do you like to do with your best friends?: play on the playground.
What do you hope you get to do before your next birthday?: get my ears pierced!


Tuesday, July 29, 2014


My buddy is turning the big 4 today. FOUR. Where on earth have these past 4 years gone? My sweet baby isn't a baby anymore... 

 Dear Caleb Matthew,
 I always struggle finding words to write on these birthday posts. I write and erase, write more and erase more.... there just aren't many words that convey how much i love my kids. 

                                                                                  Your name means "whole-hearted, devoted, loyal" and i believe you are all of those things. You are so affectionate and loving. You hug practically everyone who comes through the door and everyone who leaves it.  You still have your silly side - loving to make people laugh, even if it's at your expense. You are energetic and full of life. You love a ball, anything with wheels (trucks, cars, motorcycles), Paw Patrol and the "In-ja Turtles". 

 You love to be outside, riding your "blue truck", playing ball, even just going to get the mail. You still jump off of every last step and fill your pockets with leaves, rocks, and mulch. You've mastered Mario Kart(Mommy can hardly beat you!), playing the "matching game" and "Go Fish" - even if i do catch you cheating from time to time. :)

You like to fret your sister, but oh - how you cry when she cries. You have the biggest heart. And you love her like crazy.

You have learned to color much better this year. You know all of your letters, and can count to 20 - sometimes more! You drive your power wheels better than most adults can drive a car and you are begging for a REAL "moda-cycle" for Christmas this year. ( not happening. ever. at least if mommy has anything to do with it.) ;)

When you fall, you ALWAYS fall on your head. :P But thankfully you're a brave boy who smiles through it. You have had quite the eventful Dr's visits this year... a mild concussion to pulling ticks off of you that we couldn't get ourselves. Life with you is always interesting - you definitely keep us on our toes! :)

The other day you told me that you were going to "marry me." Oh, sweet boy... my heart is mush. There's a special bond between a mommy and her son... and i love our love. I hope we never lose this connection. You are a blessing from the Lord, and Daddy and I are so thankful that He let us be your parents. We pray everyday for your heart to be tender toward the Lord and his gift of salvation. We pray that you will grow up to serve Him and be a man after God's heart. 
Happy, happy 4th birthday to THE sweetest boy. Mommy, Daddy, and Kaitlyn love you so much...

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Monday, February 3, 2014


...Oh, how vividly i remember 6 years ago today.

The day you made me a Mommy, I was forever changed.

I took you home, and before i knew it, you were already two months old. You had the chubbiest cheeks and the bluest eyes.

I turned around to cook dinner, and you were a walking and talking toddler. Full of life and changing so fast.

I put you down for a nap, and you woke up playing princesses, going to preschool, taking dance classes, coloring inside the lines, and learning to swing all by yourself.


And this past fall, i couldn't believe my eyes when i sent you off to Kindergarten. You have grown and blossomed into a beautiful, very determined, bright little girl who is, one day, going to move mountains!

My sweet K,
   You now officially have to use BOTH hands to show how old you are... how cool is that?! :) I have watched you grow so much this past year. Sending you to kindergarten was a HUGE change for all of us... but you love it, just like i knew you would. You have learned to read, very well. (I love to watch you pick up a book to read for enjoyment and listen to YOU reading ME a book now.) You are also learning a little bit more than just reading and writing in Kindergarten this year... i am also watching you learn how to be a good friend and how to deal with things like 'so and so said i wasn't their friend today'. You are learning to give, what it feels like to hurt, and to be YOU among others.

But you know what i love? I love that (even though you ARE in Kindergarten) you still want me to walk you into school each day... and if it's a day i'm walking you in - just you and me - you beg me to 'carry you in'. (And yes, i do it. I won't have this chance for long!) I love that you love school and learning new things. I love that you still have a great imagination. I love that you still get excited about the little stuff - oreo cookies, a new toothbrush, a new library book to read, or a warm day to play outside!

There are no words to tell you how much I love you. None will do it justice. You are such a blessing to our family. Happy Birthday, baby girl - we pray that you have a wonderful 6th year - and that God will protect you and make Himself known to you. Always remember He loves you far more than Mommy and Daddy ever could.

Interview with Kaitlyn - 1/25/14

What is your favorite color?: Red, pink, and purple.
What is your favorite toy?: Frozen Castle and dolls.
What is your favorite fruit?: apples and bananas.
What is your favorite movie?: FROZEN!!! (with lots of excitement)
What is your favorite thing to eat for lunch/dinner? Steak.
What is your favorite outfit?: blue dress with my boots.
What is your favorite game?: Scrabble.
What is your favorite snack?: Pretzels and fruit snacks.
What is your favorite animal?: Elephant
What is your favorite song?: "Do You Want To Build A Snowman?" - Frozen
What is your favorite book?: "There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Pie"
Who is your best friend?: Olivia!
What is your favorite cereal?: Lucky Charms!
What is your favorite thing to do outside?: Swing!!
What is your favorite drink?: water
What is your favorite holiday?: Christmas and Halloween, so i can dress up.
What do you take with you to bed at night? my blankies.
What do you like to eat for breakfast?: cinnamon rolls.
What do you want for dinner on your birthday?: PIZZA!
What do you want to be when you grow up?: A doctor... and a cupcake baker!
What makes mommy happy?: hugs and kisses :)
What makes mommy sad?: When me and Caleb fight.
Who is mommy's best friend?: umm... Mrs. Tracy?
How old is mommy?: 29.
How tall is mommy?: 18 inches. (hehe)
What does mommy do when you aren't home?: work at the house doing dishes...
What is mommy's favorite food?: spaghetti?
What do you and mommy do together?: play barbies and games.